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Carousel World of Imagination celebrates the splendor of discovery, creativity and design in all its manifestations.

Since our inception in 2004, a unique emporium is being continuously crafted, bringing together exquisite and extraordinary products from around the world. Guided by a thoughtful, innovative and original approach, we take immense pride in providing an enchanting range of toys, books, gifts and collectibles, as well as inspired home furnishings, furniture and interior design products and services.

Our discerning collection is fresh and unique, and is being constantly expanded with products and services that indulge the creative spirit and provide endless inspiration.

We invite you to visit our store located in the Kingdom of Bahrain and experience a world of boundless imagination that we hope will prove to be enriching and enduring. You can also explore us on www.worldofcarousel.com, providing an exclusive selection of toys, gifts, collectibles and as well as our bespoke Rym Collection furniture.

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